Love is waking everyday with that one person on your mind. Love is courageous, breaking all barriers and not caring what people think. It’s like a drug that people with money can’t buy. It puts you on a high that you don’t want to get down from. It makes your problems disappear. It makes life worth living. Love is everything and nothing less. It makes you happy and therefore makes everyone around you happy. Love is contagious.

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Love is not “romance” or “lust”; it is the ever present unconditional knowledge within yourself that even if that person rejects you, cheats on you, leaves you or grows apart from your relationship, that you will ALWAYS be there for them if they need you and you treasure that they traveled with you for whatever length of time. Love is eternal and it should never be diminished by the pain of losing that person you love…and when you understand this eternal love than you can move on from any loss because you comprehend that YOU have loved, that it doesn’t just stop because a human failing ended the relationship…and that is a great gift and truth that few recognize, simply because we let our brains run wild in our humanity! I will always treasure MY knowledge of love and let go of my human loss of that love - love is eternal energy.

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Just Being

Love is the way you feel your heart glowing whenever he walks in, and love is when he has only one chocolate cookie left and he gives it to you because he knows it’ll make you happy. Love is whenever he looks at you the light shines in his eyes and you cant help but feel like the happiest person ever. Love is equality and respect, when even though your the woman he understands your strengths and respects that you cant always be strong. Most importantly love is knowing you have each others back. Remembering that in the beginning you were best friends, always bearing through together.

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Love is…when you see your soul in another person’s eyes.

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the most sincere love and unconditional love can be found only on one person…. 


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our beloved one’s happiness. 

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Love is a woman named Patricia.

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Love is an unselfish commitment that freely accepts another with loyalty and sacrificially moves to meets the others needs. True love is always “other centered”.

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just to catch a glimpse of her warm smile

To me love is hearing her heart beat when she lays on your chest and you know your the luckiest guy in the world, love is knowing she may not be perfect, but she is perfect for you.

Its holding her just as you have to leave, wishing time would freeze. Love is never saying goodbye, because goodbye means forever. Love is knowing you would go to the ends of the earth just to catch a glimpse of her warm smile.

Love is not knowing what she looks like because you can’t get past her eyes and have been lost there since the moment you met her. Love isn’t choosing the best girl, its choosing the girl that will make you the best man. LOVE IS LOVE.

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full of mistery

love is like a rosary full of mistery………..

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